The Crucible Act 1 Summary

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The Crucible was based in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The book starts off with Reverend Parris finding the girls in the woods dancing. Upon finding them Betty Reverend Parris’s daughter and some of the girls become ill. Abigail Reverend Parris’s niece tells him that when he found them in the wood Betty was so frightened when Parris found her she fainted and won’t wake. With Betty and the other girls unable to wake rumors of witchcraft start around the community. Reverend Parris begins to question Abigail about what they were doing in the woods. Betty still could not wake so Reverend Parris sent for Hale. Hale specializes witchcraft things. Hale believe that there is something supernaturally wrong with Betty. When Reverend Parris questions Abigail it he brings up that Abigail was let go by the Proctors and has been re-hired in months. The Putumn’s come to Parris’s house and tells him their daughter Ruth is sick to. Goody Putumn tells Parris that she sent Titiba to try to conjure the spirits of her dead baby’s because Titiba knows how to speak with the dead. Goody Putumn has lost 7 children and is trying to find out who has murdered her baby’s. When Parris and the Putumn’s leave Abigail begins talking to Mercy Lewis and Mary Warren. Abigail threatens them if they say anything about what happened in the woods. Has they talk we found out that Abigail drank blood has a potion to kill Goody Proctor. John Putumn then appears and talks to Abigail. We learn that John and Abigail were having an affair. That’s why Goody Proctor fired her. During them talking we…show more content…
Parris asks Rebecca to take a look at Betty. Rebecca says that there was nothing seriously wrong with Betty. Hale starts question Abigail about being in the woods. Abigail then blames Titiba for messing with spirits. They go to get Titiba to question her. Titiba says she did see the devil and with the devil saw many people from the
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