The Crucible American Dream Analysis

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When America was built, its character and identity was established by The Declaration of Independence, providing its citizens equality, liberty, and equal opportunity. The premise of the composition of USA became known as the American Dream, with the aspiration that one’s achievement is not constrained by his/her social class or fortune but is determined by endeavor. This delusion of harmony was greatly contradicted by two novels: The Crucible and The Grapes of Wrath. In The Crucible, under constant hallucination of evil and corruptness, people for their own greediness began making false accusations on each other. Moreover, because of the intangible form of Evil itself, the court was extremely biased, asserting that the young are the most innocent. No dissidents are borne, and the court…show more content…
In the context, what the Joads suffer the most not is not from physical environment and the dustbowl, but from the businessmen, who are not concerned at all about the livelihood of the farmers but their self-earnings. They banish the farmers off their land, their root, where they have been dwelling for generations. Furthermore, the California landowners, who are fully aware that the farmers need to survive, continue to lower the wages and to spread falsehood that California was a thriving place, leading more people to migrate to California. The modern men of industry manipulate the society as they intend, while living detached from the farmers and dehumanize them. In this sense, the Joads, like other immigrants, are deprived of equal opportunities and the pursuit of happiness in life. Even today the American Dream is not fully accomplished. Homelessness is still plaguing many metropolises in America, while the disparity between rich and poverty is still distinguished. We have to strive forward and transform the society—or America would live through another age of Grapes of
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