The Crucible: Ann Putnam R.

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Ann Putnam Jr is the daughter of Thomas and Ann Putnam. She was an only child. In the Crucible, she is named Ruth, as she has the same name as her mother. Ruth faked being ill like Betty Parris, and her mother suspected that it was due to witchcraft. She accused many, and a lot of her accusations had coincidental side effects. In reality, Ann Putnam Jr. was born on the 16th of October 1679. She was twelve when the trial started. Ann did have a fit like Betty Parris. She called out many names including Tituba and Sarah Good. Her accusations were supported by her parents, as they gave names of people she should accuse. She joined the girls and put on an act that the court believed. In court, she would yell and pretend to be getting attacked.
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