The Crucible Authority Analysis

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Imagine being accused of a crime one did not commit and not being able to question authority or fight for the truth. In the powerful play, “The Crucible”, Aurthur Miller demonstrates the use and abuse of authority in the Puritan Society. During the Salem witch trials in 1692, the role of authority was tested. As far back as one could remember people in authority were always known for dominance and being in command. One might say he/she has supremacy over others. Reverend Hale, Judge Danforth, and Reverend Parris all were viewed as authoritative figures in The Crucible. It is true that all had power, but they all used it differently. The word “authority” many times is associated with the words “perfect”, “dominate”, “in charge”, and “in control”.…show more content…
As a reverend, one is suppose to carry out God’s word and serve to the people. They are suppose to completely dedicate their time to helping others. Reverend Parris might go through the actions of all these things but he truly does not embodied what being a Reverend is all about. In Puritan society, a revered is someone everyone looks up to because of their rich religious beliefs. The court and the church overlapped and was the basis of Puritan beliefs. When Betty got sick in the beginning of the play he says to Proctor, The Putnams, and Giles “There is either obedience or the church will burn like Hell is burning! Parris to Proctor.” Parris is the third minister to go to through the church and this quote signifies his need for power to boost his own personal feelings. He is saying if they do not follow what he wants to do there will be a major price to pay. It shows how Parris just expects obedience from everyone since he is a minister. Also, during the trials, Proctor had to tell the judge it was Parris who caught the girls in the woods. That is a huge piece he did not tell the court because he was too scared his name would be ruined. It did not care that tons of his people were being accused of witchcraft. Someone in authority would be trying to save their people, not put them on a scaffold to
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