The Crucible Bandwagon Character Analysis

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Throughout the entire book of The Crucible, female citizens are being accused of witchcraft and one of the most prominent rhetorical devices used is bandwagon. “On the bandwagon” is a term used to describe people that jump on trends that most people are doing. In The Crucible, when Rev. John Hale was interrogating Tituba, she started accusing two other citizens in hopes of everyone else not accusing her of undergoing witchcraft/ being a witch. She is seen accusing the people “there is Goody Good … Aye, sir, and Goody Osburn” (47) which shows Tituba’s characterization as a liar and a deceiver. However, the bandwagon is seen after she has accused the two people in which many of the other young girls also start to accuse others in hopes of not
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