The Crucible Bird Scene Analysis

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“But God made my face; you cannot want to tear my face. Envy is a deadly sin, Mary.” (pg.115). During this time people of the town were easily persuaded to persecute their fellow neighbors, due to their religion and it’s principles.Thirty years before the infamous Salem Witch Trials there was a witch scare in Hartford,Connecticut, resulting in raised tensions about witches, making the hangings of 20 people more of a safety precaution rather than a righteous and fair trial. It was ironic when one admitted to witchcraft they were spared, but if one did not confess they were sentenced to be hung. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller the bird scene in both the book and movie depicts how the importance of that particular section affects the play’s outcome because within that part it addresses multiple societal issues such as honesty within a community as well as the naiveness of the people which coincides with the harmful consequences of conjuring a creature…show more content…
It brings both societal issues of being truthful with one’s community as well as the gullibility of one's character when a new subject is spoken of and shows how each impacts the story as a whole. The bird scene is when Abigail's lies backfire on her intentions, so in order to get the negative attention off herself she devises a plan that immediately all the other girls follow behind obediently to create a bird from her imagination that is supposedly Mary. This not only causes more problems for John Proctor in saving his wife, but the end result is Mary abandoning the truth because she realizes Abby is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.The bird scene is a section in the story where one understands just how crazy Abigail is and how far she really would go. Without this scene one would think Abigail is just an innocent girl that got caught in a situation that was made out to be something that it’s
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