The Crucible Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Have you ever read a book, and thought this would be a wonderful movie? Well, that’s not always the case due to when someone watches a movie that’s based on a book, nine times out of ten they come home disappointed. Although, in certain cases, the book and the movie come close to being the same. The crucible play and movie are fairly similar in numerous aspects and one could watch the movie and understand the main points of the play. When deciding between books and movies, picking the book is better because books retain more detail in the dialogue and setting, and reading the book can give one a valuable understanding of the message in the story. The Crucible movie does a great job of staying on major plot points. It has John and Abigail’s…show more content…
If the characters move one scene to another place instead of where it was originally written, it can throw the story off. In the crucible, it never becomes a major issue, but there are a few parts where the setting has changed. During a part in the play, Abigail is with John in Betty’s room talking, while in the movie Abigail finds John outside by his horse behind the reverend's house. In the play, countless scenes were indoors, while in the movie a great deal was outdoors. There were not frequent problems with the setting in the book going into the movie. Therefore, it didn’t change too much perspective. When a person reads a book they’re able to gain insights into the character’s heads and experience what they are thinking and feeling, but one does not acquire the opportunity to do that with a movie. While watching the crucible, it can be difficult to catch on to character’s motives as one does not know how they are feeling. Someone would infer how they are feeling using their actions, similar with Abigail when she is using people, the reader infers that when watching the movie instead of reading it through a
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