The Crucible Tragedy Analysis

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An analysis of the tragedy of Crucible “MOM” yelled the screaming child. This is the one word every older sibling dreads to here. It is the word before you are about to get bused by your parents for being mean to your younger sibling. Many times only the older sibling will get caught with hurting the younger one. The younger child has only learned that screaming and crying to mom and dad will solve most problems. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller has this family strategy in it, one girl by the name of Abigail, leds a big group of girls in this action. Arthur Miller is a very talented man Galvin stated, “Miller 's more than thirty plays, which have won him a Pulitzer Prize and multiple Tony Awards” He was able to express many themes through his plays. He also adds a lot of emotions to his plays, which makes you feel more attached to the characters. In The Crucible, there are many people to blame for the issues there, I blame Abigail, John and Mary. First of all Abigail is to blame for everything that started the problems in salem. She started out in the woods with a group of girls trying to cast…show more content…
John had abigail as his slave and then John’s wife got sick and John slept with Abigail. The night when abigail was practicing witchery, she used Proctor 's wife’s name. Abigail has wanted Elizabeth, Proctor 's wife, to die ever since John and her had feelings for each other. In crucible abigail states, “I look for John Proctor that took me from my sleep and put knowledge in my heart!”(pg 1232) After a while it seemed as though abigail was obsessed with John. She was too attached, but John was the light to the match of the fire that came in salem. Another example of this is hiroshima, Rothman stated, “citizens alike immediately began struggling to process the metaphorical aftershocks” The Hiroshima bomb may have been such a small item but it made such a big
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