What Is John Proctor's Reaction To The Crucible

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The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is about real life events that has been changed a bit by the author. The play is set back in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, were the Salem Witchcraft Trials were going on. The Witchcraft Trials were trials that mostly girls, but some men got accused of seeing the devil and doing work for him. If you were accused of being a witch you were to admit to seeing the devil, accuse other people, or you would get hung. Some people wouldn 't admit to being a witch just to save their life because of their faith in Jesus. Like a guy named John Proctor, who had an affair with a girl named Abigail. He was trying to stop the trials to save his wife Elizabeth Proctor but while he was doing it, he got accused to being a witch …show more content…

Beating someone is still beating them if you had a reason or not and that what John Proctor did. Yes, he did warn Mary Warren, but he also was forcing her to do something that would hurt and he also was threatening her. He wants Mary to tell the truth to free elizabeth but he does it in a way that could kill another person Even though he warned her, you can 't beat someone like he did Mary Warren. He told Mary that she would go to the court and confess and tell them she had lied. If she didn’t tell the court the truth, he told her he would beat her. When they got home from the Court John walks over to Mary, the stage direction states, “Grasping her by the throat as though he would strangle her” (Miller 1129). Since she never told the court what actually had happen john went with what he said and start to beat mary for not telling the truth. He did warn Mary that he would strangle her but, he is not allowed to threaten her to tell something and beat for not telling her and that makes him a flawed man.
Another reason why John Proctor is such a Flawed man is because he is so quick to anger. He get mad very easily and he goes off on people to make them feel like a bad person when they didnt do anything wrong. Like Elizabeth every night he tries to talk to him and he yells at her because she ask to many questions or she doesn 't do it the right

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