The Crucible Character Analysis Of Reverend Hale

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Reverend Hale We are all put in this world under rules and how we should live, but the truth is that those ways aren’t alway how we end up. We are raised on a set of rules that as you grow you see them in a different light. You grow become your own person, that is what Hale has done. Reverend Hale starts off as a man who goes by what he was taught and then in the end he becomes his own person. In the beginning Reverend Hale is very set to his ways. He supports the court and won’t listen to any other reasoning besides theirs. He is determined to believe that his mindset is what is right and anything other than that is wrong. In Act 1, on page 1149, when Parris is telling Hale about the girls in the woods, Parris says something about how

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