The Crucible Courtroom Scene Analysis

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In the Crucible, we see the presence of the crime of witchcraft. Arthur Miller based his play on the events of the Red Scare, which happened in the 1950s. The Red Scare happened when people believed that communists were taking over the country. We see the same thing happening in Salem, but with witches. In Salem, residents were blamed for an invisible crime. These people were wrongfully accused and punished. Residents in this time were scared and blamed it on witchcraft. Today, the same situation is happening, but with police officers. Many individuals in our society believe police officers are crooks. Police officers, just like witches in the Crucible are the scapegoats to someone’s problem. Police officers are one of many examples of a modern…show more content…
Police Officers have the same situation happening today. “It’s too easy to blame everybody for one man’s mistake or stupidity” (Johnson Par. 10). Our group showed this in our modernized scene where two criminals blame the officer for their problem. Our modernization has many connections with the Crucible including the setting and characters. In the video we modernized the courtroom scene from Act 3. Courtrooms and trials have always played a role in society. John Proctor is very similar to the Officer portrayed in our video. Both of these men were accused for crimes they did not commit. Abigail Williams compares to Lennie Freeman, the man who committed the crime in our video. Lennie and Abigail both lied in order to not face consequences for their previous actions. Mr Richards compares to any other accuser of witchcraft. Mr. Richards acts as an accomplice to a crime which we see in the Crucible with characters such as Parris, Cheever, and Danforth. In the Crucible and in real life, some of the accused are killed. Police Officers can be a target in the court and out on the streets. Many people are starting to see how dangerous it is becoming to be a law enforcement officer (Evans Nakhlawi Par.
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