The Crucible Essay On Bullying

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Stop the Bullying People is not always willing to stand up for what they believe is right. One of the reasons why people is not willing to stand up is because they fear getting involved in legal problems. Others do not want to lose time discussing over this situations. Many of them do not know that there are consequences for what they chose to ignore. What I think about this is different. At some point we all have to stand up for something that is not right. In this type of situations is where you are able to see a person 's value. People do not always stand up for what they believe is right some for fear. Others because they just do not want to have problems with the law. But,yet there…show more content…
Until one day when I decided to stand up to mark an end to this situation. I was already getting frustrated with this problem because they used to call him names and other offensive language. He was not a able to defend himself from those bullies so I did my part to stop this. Many people wounded stop up to stop the bullying that is why I am proud of what I did at that time . I do not think that people should get bullied just because of their physical appearance the way they speak or the religion they practice. In addition I compare myself to Rev. Hale from the play the Crucible. He was one of the few characters in the play that was able to stand up for what he believed in. In the play, he quits the court because he knew that all what the girls were saying were lies. I think that even though the speaking up of Rev. Hale did not change the future for John Proctor or any of the other characters who were going to get to hang . Rev. Hale made his intent to save innocent lives. I could also compare myself with Martin Luther King Jr who stood up for many color people. He stop much of the bullying and racism against colored people. I am happy to say that I’m one of those people who was able to stand up for what is
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