The Crucible Fear Essay

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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, this quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt depicts how dangerous fear truly is. By saying this, he understands the drastic effect fear can have. Even today, ISIS is using fear as one of their primary weapons. Fear can force people to undergo such actions that they would have never even imagined in their wildest dreams. This is a crippling feeling that none are truly immune to. Such a force as powerful fear itself was the cause of the multitude of murders and other heinous acts in the Crucible.
In the illustrious novel by Arthur Miller, he portrays the power of fear in how the girls begin accusing others of being witches rather than face the punishment for their actions. Abigail, Mary, and Betty
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Unlike the others, throughout the story John doesn’t buy into the wive’s tales of witchcraft. He among a few others continue to battle against the bogus claims of the girls and the court. In the beginning, Proctor plays by the rules of the court and prepares depositions that any court would have to accept on a normal occurrence. Instead, the court chooses to deny most of these depositions and decides to bring all the others who signed one into court. Towards the end, Proctor, who is driven by the fear his wife might be hanged, confesses to his adulterous acts with Abigail Williams. After his plan to free his wife doesn’t work, Proctor himself confesses to being a servant of the devil. These series of events transpires all because of the fear that is driving Proctor’s actions. In the end, his wife is saved but at the cost of his life. Arthur Miller’s masterfully written Crucible displays how fear controls even the strongest of characters and forces them into unfathomable choices.
A truly illustrious story, The Crucible, written by the astounding author Arthur Miller, portrays the full spectrum of fear. Throughout the story, fear is a prevalent force that rules many of the characters actions throughout the novel. This connects to even situations today. ISIS currently uses fear as a weapon. Some countries refuse to help the refugees of the countries ISIS is terrorizing because of that fear. Understanding
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