The Crucible: Group Stereotypes

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The hostility between homosexual individuals and supporters and strict, religious people illustrates a divide in the country consisting of different views; Both groups pressure, rationalize, and stereotype the other, but in the end one group is angry and the other is hurt, and no movement to evolve the situation exists.

In the past and in modern-day, American homosexuals and heterosexuals get scrutinized and disgraced because of their opinions in groupthink and towards one another. One group stereotypes outsiders because what they believe is different from their opinion.
The groupthink article defines stereotyping out-groups as when “people outside the group who criticize decisions and actions are viewed as “enemies” who do not know what
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If someone is thought to be a witch, they must confess on the spot, or they are hanged. There might be little evidence to prove this claim, but group members will not rationalize any of their assumptions; they claim they are defeating the devil and helping God. This is an example of rationalization. In the dispute between gay people and supporters and anti-gay, straight individuals rationalization is made in both groups. The groupthink article states,“ Group members rationalize any resistance to the assumptions they have made no matter how strongly the evidence may contradict their basic assumptions, members behave so as to reinforce those assumptions continually.” Telling people they deserve to die is justifiable because the bible says, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.” Physically harming and verbally harming other American’s is okay because of personal views. Slamming God is okay because there is no evidence he is real. Both heterosexuals and homosexuals justify horrific actions because of their believes and assumptions. Bringing down others because of a personal bubble, instead of keeping thoughts intact and considering where the other is coming from. America becomes divided, but they also…show more content…
Rationalizing, pressuring, and stereotyping are effects of groupthink that negatively demonstrate how groupthink affects the quality of heterosexual and homosexual American lives by forcing them, changing them, and hurting them by their own unwillingness to think out side of their own personal opinions and
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