The Crucible Incident Essay

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In 1900 one night in Lidtke Mill there was a horrible incident. A young boy was playing by the water. Out of nowhere he got pushed by a guy covered in black. The kid didn’t know how to swim so he drowned. Thirty years later, a group of friends went to go skip rocks on the water. Then they heard a strange noise. But they just said that it was a raccoon or something like that. All of a sudden they heard a kid laugh. They blamed it on one of their friends, but he said that he didn’t do it. They all began to get scared. They didn’t know what to do at this point, one of the kids suggested that they wait until a car comes by, but they said that wouldn’t work because it’s two in the morning. One of the friend seen a glowing light over the hill, it was a car! when the car came close no one was driving it. The kids started to run away from the car. The car went off the road and started chasing them! While the car was chasing them, they all split up. The car went for the slowest runner.All of the friends were yelling so they could maybe get someones attention. While the car was chasing the slowest guy running one of the friends noticed that there was a floating knife in the driver’s seat, and saw a person that was covered in black. The slowest running guy jumped out of the way…show more content…
The dad said that he was a strange boy, he would always sit in the corner and write stuff on his desk. Creepy stuff. The next day the friends met up and he told them what his dad said. But they wondered about the creepy guy. So they went to the police station and asked the police about the creepy guy. They said that he was the owner of the Lidke Mill, and that he just stayed inside all the time and doesn’t like trespassers. Then they asked about their friend that went crazy and the police said that the ghost took his soul. All of the friend just went home and pretended nothing

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