The Crucible Injustice Analysis

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In “The Crucible” By Arthur Miller, the main frailty that causes injustice in Salem is the “witchcraft” that Abigail participates in. The reason why she decided to perform “witchcraft” was out of anger and desire to be with Proctor after he told her to forget the whole ordeal even happened. For example, it caused her to be in distress and drink the charm in order to kill Goody Proctor. Furthermore, it also caused Abigail to form a plot to frame Goody Proctor with form of voodoo involving a poppet and needle. In addition, the “witchcraft” that Abigail participated in, caused an uproar and accusations of innocent people. For example, Goody Osburn was accused of killing Mrs. Putnam’s children because she was with the Devil even though there was
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