The Crucible Integrity Analysis

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Human integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong morals. The Puritan community believed that loyalty to religion is nevertheless the best indicator of integrity. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller put human integrity to the test throughout the play with the use of characters, symbolism, and sin.
Firstly, Miller puts integrity to the test by the use of characters. Abigail Williams lies to conceal her affair with John Proctor to avoid severe punishments for adultery and witchcraft. She was in love with John and went against her morals because in her twisted mind she believed that John would eventually reciprocate those feelings. Tituba, a slave, was manipulated by Abigail and was the one who lead the girls to the forest to do witchcraft. In one scene, the minister and the puritans
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One symbol is the forest. It was considered the devil’s territory and symbolizes the evil within humans. When the girls were caught in the forest they presented a new evil and fear to the community. Another symbol is the doll, it can be a symbol of innocence and purity, but it can also be a symbol of witchcraft. It symbolizes witchcraft because of the transformation from good to evil. Like stated previously it symbolizes innocence because it’s usually an object that would be given to a child. In witchcraft a doll can be used to do harm to others; a voodoo doll. When Abigail Williams saw the doll at John Proctor's home and saw the needle stuck into the doll, she decided to accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft.
Lastly, Miller put integrity to the test through the use of sin. John Proctor sinned and committed adultery. The girls sinned when they lied about seeing the devil around them and trying to place the blame on others for their actions. Mary Warren nearly confesses that she and the other girls were lying about witchcraft but the other girls started to pretend that they were seeing spirits in the

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