The Crucible Integrity Essay

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Integrity’s Role in The Crucible and in Today’s Society Interpreted literally, a crucible simply refers to a large caldron, in which metals are melted down. But symbolically, a crucible can be considered a test of one’s moral righteousness, whether one softens when things get hot or chooses to stand firm. Integrity, or the lack thereof, plays a huge role in both The Crucible and in today’s world; displaying the characteristic of integrity is important in the play, and it is important in the present. John Proctor sacrifices himself in order to spread the truth. After tearing his confession to shreds, he states, “You have made your magic now, for now I do think I see a shred of good in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs” (Miller 1256). At the last moment, he recognizes how much the truth is worth. He has an epiphany, suddenly realizing that the truth has more value than his life, and even raising his kids. He understands that his refusal to give a false confession could have a significant effect on how the townspeople respond to the proceedings of the court, and he finally acknowledges that the power of the truth could even cleanse his sins. Additionally, Giles Corey is willing to suffer a painful death, in exchange for the benefit of leaving the world on his own terms. In Act IV,…show more content…
Before John and the others are executed, Danforth states, “Hang them high over the town! Who weeps for these weeps for corruption”(Miller 1256). Danforth wants justice, but he has no idea what true justice really is, nor how to achieve it. His determination to find someone to punish leads him to become irrational; he completely ignores one side of the story, being subjective rather than objective, something a judge should never be. He lets this, as well as his extreme disconnect with the town, impair his
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