The Crucible John Proctor Confession Essay

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible the town of Salem undergo shock and anger of an important man, John Proctor. John Proctor was an outstanding citizen, good father, a husband and also a farmer. He had been tried for Witchcraft and was sentenced to hang if he didn’t confess. John had tried to confess to witchcraft but had ripped up the confession that could’ve saved his life. By tearing the confession, John Proctor shows his sense of goodness which made everything in the act believable. John Proctor’s goodness was shown in three particular ways: his guilt of committing adultery, his unwillingness to forgive himself and realizing he doesn't have to be a saint to be a good man. “I have been thinking i would confess.. What say you? If i give them that?” (Act .) When observing the stage directions, John Proctor can't look at Elizabeth when he asked about confessing. It's been shown he still has shame and guilt for what he's caused. John also respects Elizabeth’s opinion because of how honest she can be and how good of a woman she is. Elizabeth had state that she…show more content…
Proctor finds it hard to forgive himself. He says since he has already ruined the Proctor name and saying how his whole life is basically blacken with sins. However, he goes to say it doesn't hurt to have one more sin. John tries to justify to himself by thinking if he goes to hang from something as innocent that all it would be is another lie. Elizabeth tries to explain to him that she isn't the one to judge him because she feels just as guilty as John does. She feels like she had a part to play in with the affair. As a result of Elizabeth saying that, John doesn't take it. He gets upset with her and says that she is was never in the wrong, but he was. Elizabeth towards the end of Act IV constantly reinsured him that whatever decisions he makes, she knows that a good man is behind
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