The Crucible John Proctor Reputation

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The Crucible of Doubt A name and its attached reputation are very important. John Proctor, when he is condemned to hang for witchcraft, he decides at one point to make a false confession just to save his life. He confesses in front of the judge and a few witnesses, but when he is asked to sign his name to the testimony. He doesn't want to accept the document, ‘Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!...How may I live without my name?” John Proctor's exclaims “That he cries of his whole soul” But he is willing to confess to a few officials, but he is not willing to append his name publicly to this false confession. His reputation is so important to him that he chooses death by hanging instead. Elizabeth Proctor is the epitome of the quote “Cold hands, warm heart.” Although she may not have provided a warm home-life for her husband. John Proctor, she remains good, moral, and composed throughout the novel. However it is these qualities that leads to the annihilation of her exceptional reputation when she is unknowingly put to a test that will determine not only her own fate, but also the future of John, and many others who have been accused of witchcraft It had been predetermined by John. Abigail Williams was interrogated about why…show more content…
Consider the way that reputation is so important to so many characters in Salem, which is a place where even the most innocuous action or word is enough to crush somebody's reputation. And if either of these characters have a bad reputation then people will know not to trust the ones that have a bad reputation on the line. You can only trust the ones who have good reputations but John Proctor on the other hand he represented why he would not take the document he has good reasons to observe why he didn't want his name to be out
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