The Crucible: John Proctor The Tragic Hero

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Proctor the Tragic Hero Like most good works of literature, the Crucible contains a tragic hero; the tragic hero is John Proctor. While most people think very highly of Procter, he holds a secret, a major flaw, that will lead to his death. John Proctor is considered a tragic hero because of his good reputation turing bad because of his tragic flaw, hubris; this flaw will lead to his downfall, his death. Throughout the Crucible, the townspeople of Salem think very highly of John Procter. He is one most consult of advise and one many look up too. In act one it states, “Proctor, respected and even feared in Salem... (20).” This quote is important in proving Procter indeed was a tragic hero. The people in the town had a sense of adoration towards
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