The Crucible: John Proctor The Wrongly Accused

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John Proctor the Wrongly Accused

In The Crucible there are many people condemned and hanged for witchcraft, one of these, John Proctor, I believe to be innocent. A man with as much integrity and honesty as John Proctor, could never perform the act of witchcraft. Undoubtedly he wasn’t a perfect man but no one ever is. As we are proved time and time again, John is an honest, hardworking man; who is haunted by his past misdeeds. Throughout the events in the crucible we see his struggle to gain his wife’s forgiveness, and his own. Just because John is a man who plows the field on Sundays, and maybe doesn’t go to church as often as he should, does not and can not make a man guilty of witchcraft. John Proctor may have committed sexual sin with
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