The Crucible John Proctor's Confession

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Proctor will hang! This is what everyone was astonished about in Salem during the witch trials in Arthur Miller’s book, “The Crucible”. John Proctor decided that he wanted to prove a point to everyone about witchcraft. He did this by, not signing his name on the paper that he confessed on because he wanted to be able to keep his name. How he started to lie to the court about everything such as being a witch. Also because of what he found out by asking Elizabeth about people who have confessed.
Reason number one behind John Proctor’s decision to be hanged is, his decision to not sign his name. At the beginning John says to the court, “Damn the village! I confess to God and God has seen my name on this! It is enough!” (1332). By this statement John made, one may gather that he is a little aggravated at the court’s decision to make him sign his name. John Proctor didn’t want to sign his name on the paper that his confession was on because he also says in the book, “I have given you my soul; leave me my name”
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For example judge Danforth asks John, “Did he bid you to do his work upon the earth?” and John says in response, “He did” (1330). So basically judge Danforth started to interrogate Proctor and every time Danforth asks a question John agrees with it. Such as, “Danforth: Did you bind yourself to the Devil’s service? John Proctor: I did” (1330). When Danforth gets to the near end of the questions that he was asking he asked John questions about others. Danforth asks John if he saw anyone with the Devil when he met him but every time he asked a John denied it and said, “I did not” (1331). I believe that John did this to kind of prove a point to the court and sort of embarrass them for having hanged innocent people. John’s intent I think was to try and stop the stupidness that was going on in Salem at the time. He was trying to change the world by using the power of him as an
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