The Crucible Lies And Deceit Essay

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The Crucible is a book written by Author Miller to illustrate all the lies and deceit that took place during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692-1693. There are so many different forms of lies and deceit present with in this book. But to me the three biggest are when Mary Warren and the girls, Putnam’s versusthe rest of the town and John Proctor vs Abigail. But the lies and deceit derail all of these. The main story in the book is about how the girl lied to everyone about doing witchcraft to save them selves. They lied specifically about seeing certain people in the town standing next to the devil or there names in the devils book. “Let either of you breath a word or a edge of a word about the other things.. I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you” (Miller, 148) shows just…show more content…
Once the court arrested them and there land would be put up for sale and Thomas being the riches man in town would buy up there all of there land. It is proven in act three when Giles cory says “Putnam is reaching for my land!” (Miler, 180) But yet it gets worse. The worst part of this is that John Proctor had a chance to prove Abigail Williams was faking the whole thing and was using it for her own personal gain. Goody Proctor had fired Abigail as their house maid because John Proctor had an affair with her. And he told the judge that she is using the witch craft lie to get his wife killed so that she can be with him. Goody Proctor knows this but when she is brought into court to testify she says “no sir he did not turn from me”(Miller,194) to protect her husbands name. As proctor yells out to her ”Elizabeth tell the truth!… I have confessed it!”(Miller,194) All the conflicts in this book can all somehow be brought back to this one simple themes every single time. Lies and Deceit. It geos to show you how one small lie as little as we didn’t do it can blow up into a huge ordeal.
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