The Crucible Love Theme

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The inclusion of the theme of love in short stories and novellas would forever change the landscape of literature forever. The theme of love has been a staple in a majority of short stories. Love has give the world a sense of security and safety. Love in literature has been around for ages and is not going away anytime soon. The theme of love was around since the 1400s and is still around today. Romanticism has become an entire genre and is extremely popular. The theme of love is an unfathomably important. The story Of Mice and Men shows love in a very familiar way. The relationship that George and Lennie is one of strong family values and loyalty. George tries to keep lennie out of trouble in multiple ways. Throughout the story George makes…show more content…
Abigail is a prime example on how love can get out of hand very quickly. Abigail is so caught up in John Proctor to the point she tries to ruin his life because he will not take her back. John Proctor acknowledges their time together but assures her it will not happen again. This theme can also be a tribute to teen culture not knowing the difference between love and lust. It seems Abigail does not love John per say, but instead lusts him. Abigail tries to have Elizabeth Proctor thrown in jail or even executed just to be with John and take revenge for his denial or her “love”. Another way this clouds her judgement is that she openly tried to blackmail John by using their time together in sinister fashions. She threatens to tell the court of their time together if he continues to refuse her. John ends up doing the right thing and not let Abigail manipulate him. The relationship between John and Elizabeth is truly how love should be portrayed. John's love for Elizabeth is also one of his inner struggles. John throughout the play is conflicted because he knows what he did was wrong but he thinks Elizabeth should not still be upset “ Spare me! You forget nothin’ and forgive nothin’.” (Miller 940). John knows deep down Elizabeth will never forgive him. John in the end gives himself peace knowing elizabeth knows why he is letting himself be hanged. Elizabeth wants him to confess but John knows his name…show more content…
The relationship given to us between Lucynell and her mother is what love is. The unconditional love for her daughter is what love truly is. Lucynell being deaf is not easy for her mother but she continues to take care of her all the same. Her mother trying to convince Mr. Shiftlet to marry Lucynell again shows her love is unparalleled. She knows she will not be around around forever so she knows she needs Mr. Shiftlet to take care of her and make sure she is okay. The forced relationship between Mr. Shiflet and Lucynell was off from the beginning. Love should never be forced like it was. The circumstances were what led him to leave Lucynell at the diner like he did. This is not an accurate representation of what love really
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