The Crucible Movie Analysis

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Judy. Zhang
Honors Literature
Mr. Kalb
The Crucible film review The Crucible movie is adapted from the play The Crucible that was written by a famous writer called Arthur Miller. The film is based on the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The director called Nicholas Hytner. By compare and contrast the movie and text of The Crucible, analyze the roles characters played in the Crucible and find out the purpose of director, the director has used The Crucible movie to create a very strong statement to condemn McCarthyism based on true story. There are several differences between the way the play The Crucible was written and the way it was presented in the film adaptation we watched in class. One major difference was that
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Last but not least, about the theme of the movie, it’s actually the same as the text. They both trying to talk about the concept of McCarthyism and the intolerance of humanity. McCarthyism basically means accuse others while no evidences can provide. Just like what happened in The Crucible. Girls creates unwarranted charges from nothing and ironically everyone believes and while they watch others hanging to death, they cheered as we see in the movie. By using lots of wide angles, weather change and the change of hue on the scream, the atmosphere of scenes changed dramatically with story going on like the dark tone used at the beginning of the movie when girls were dancing, the color used is really in accordance with the mood. So movie can brings stronger effect to the audiences and people’s intolerance and ignorance shows extremely clear. In a theocratic society which moral laws and the state laws are one and the same. Sin and the status of an individual’s soul are matters of public concern not solid evidences. In Salem, everything and everyone belongs to either God or the devil. Dissent is not merely unlawful, it is associated with satanic activity which bring McCarthyism an extreme suitable situation to exist. As Danforth says in Act III, “a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it.” The witch trials are the ultimate expression of intolerance and idolatrous people do stupid
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