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Movie Review
The girls are dancing around a pot with the creepy song in the wood. This is the most forgettable scene in “The Crucible”.
The movie version of “The Crucible” is adapted from the play “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller. This movie is made by Twentieth Century Fox in 1996 and directed by N.Hytner. Also, the main actors in this movie are Daniel Day-Lewis as John Proctor, Winona Ryder as Abigail William, Joan Allen as Elizabeth Proctor, and Bruce Davison as Reverend Parris. On the other hand, one of the themes is that lust is the most difficult emotion to control. Because of that, a lie that have been incited by the desire of Abigail has become a blasting fuse of chaos in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Through this confusion, the dissatisfaction in normal days of the
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Karron Graves as Mary Warren expresses the entanglement that Mary gets under the threaten of Abigail and the worm of conscience. People who are watching can feel the pressure of intimidation and the helplessness of the irretrievable lie. Only the appropriate and experienced actors can perfectly express the inner thoughts of the characters in the play.
A.Miller’s effects make the whole movie very lively and bring the audiences into the atmosphere of the movie. The eerie music brings mystery to the meeting of the girls in the forest. Also the suitable shots in the movies allows the watchers to see the looks and emotions of the characters more clearly. Miller gives Elizabeth a shot with an entangled face to show her confusion of saying the truth or tell the lie in order to save John. Technical knowledge is necessary for a splendid movie. In short, “The Crucible” has the attractive aspect, the responsible actors, and the unique effects to become one of the successful movies by Hollywood. After reading or watching “The Crucible”, it makes people to ponder and reflect

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