The Crucible Parris Character Analysis

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Parris is a very self-centered man and is very embedded in his place in the community. He is a preacher for the church of Salem and his niece and daughter have been “bewitched” or so he thinks. Parris believes what he does is just and that no one should oppose him. This is also why he refuses to let news about his niece and daughter get out, he doesn’t want people to overthrow his position. Parris is a static character due to his nature of unchanging personality wise throughout the crucible, he is always self-centered. Parris has a twisted view on people, life, and his community in general. He is a self-centered and absorbed man who cares only about his reputation. Throughout Act 1 he is only worried about Betty or Abigail tainting…show more content…
Based on Miller’s allegory in The Crucible on the McCarthy hearings is that Parris was an unfair judge. Parris is displayed in court as an accuser, he accuses the victims until they either give in or give up on defending themselves. He is one of the instigators of the trials and their proceedings. Witches represent communists, he is accusing people and over and over, feeding those who confess information discreetly, so they accuse those that are innocent for personal revenge. When in Act 3 Parris says, “This is a clear attack on the court!” When he says this, he is defending his reputation and the court in fear of being exposed because part of him knows this isn’t true. Later you would think after Abigail left he would have changed but no he is just scared for his life. Act 4 states, “Tonight, when I open my door to leave my house—a dagger clattered to the ground. Silence. Danforth absorbs this. Now Parris cries out: You cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me. I dare not step outside at night!” He is defending himself even towards the end of the book. He is afraid for himself and his reputation he doesn’t care about the lives of those set to
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