The Crucible Persuasive Essay

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“She is a cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her!” (22) In this quote from The Crucible, Abigail is trying to inform John about Elizabeth being the wrong girl for him that way he will love her instead of Elizabeth. However, her plan backfires when John is infuriated with her remarks about his wife and yells at her saying “Do you look for whippin’?” (22) Due to John’s defense for his wife’s name, Abigail is sickened and reveals her love for him in hopes of receiving John’s pity [PaPP]. Miller supports his position by first revealing Abigail's love for John Proctor, second by showing Elizabeth's immense jealousy and suspicion towards Abigail, and lastly by displaying Abigail's ultimate will to overpower Elizabeth and take her husband by lying to the people of Salem and the court. Miller’s three-pronged purpose was to show how love can drive a woman to do crazy things, whether it's to save herself or to win over the man of her dreams. This is similar to Pip’s relationship with…show more content…
However, her treatment of him helps him to grow as a person and learn from her rejection. This situation is similar to the novel The Great Gatsby because of the relationship between Tom and Gatsby as they fight for Daisy. In this novel, Tom is married to Daisy and they live a happy life full of luxuries together until Gatsby arrives and shakes everything up. Gatsby is Daisy’s ex-partner in which she still loves him very much. When Gatsby arrives and attempts to take Daisy away from Tom [AdvSC], he impedes on Gatsby’s fantasy causing for their to be drama between them. In conclusion, Gatsby dies and Daisy stays with Tom, despite loving Gatsby more. This is similar to Pip and Estella’s relationship because of Gatsby’s endless love for Daisy just like Pip’s endless love for Estella, while they both look past the negative sides to the person they love and continuously try to make it
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