The Crucible Psychological Analysis Essay

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Unconscious Instincts How well do you think you can comprehend The Crucible? Do you know what the life instincts entail? And how they could affect the character’s behaviors of The Crucible? You most presumably have a decent perception on The Crucible, but the truth is, you assumingly do not know what the life instincts are or how they affect the character’s of The Crucible. Within the play, a horde of psychological themes are revealed; these include mass hysteria, societal or peer pressure, repression, denial, and greed; each of which can be detected through individuals characters and themes. And through a psychological analysis of The Crucible, it is discovered that the main characters are driven by their own personal unconscious life instincts,…show more content…
At the beginning of Act I, Betty fell under an unconscious spell. During the time that Betty was unconscious, Abigail tried, with everything in her power, to try and wake Betty up because Abigail knew that Betty was faking the unconscious spell. ¨Betty, on the bed whimpers. Abigail turns to her at once. Abigail: Betty? She goes to Betty. Now, Betty, dear, wake up now. It 's Abigail. She sits Betty up and furiously shakes her. I 'll beat you, Betty! Betty whimpers. My, you seem improving. I talked to your papa and I told him everything so there 's nothing to- Betty, darts off the bed, and flattens herself against the wall: I want my mama! Abigail, with alarm, as she cautiously approaches Betty: What ails you, Betty? Your mama´s dead and buried. Betty: I´ll fly to Mama. Let me fly! She raises her arms and as though to fly, and streaks for the window, gets one leg out. Abigail: Pulling her away from the window: I told him everything; he knows now, he knows everything we- Betty: You drank blood, Abby! you didn 't tell him that!¨ (Miller 19). When Betty awakes from her trance, she relies solely on her unconscious death instinct. When researching both the death and life instinct, the article titled: The Life Instinct, by N. Abel-Hirsch stated that, ¨the death instinct - could lose the capacity to reject, limit or bring something to an end. The death instinct has other

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