The Crucible Quotes

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The Crucible final essay Refugee situations has been increasing by a vast amount each year, and ISIS is hiding under their curtain by sneaking into countries and committing terrorist attacks. The crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller, took place in Salem. In the town of Salem the people believed in witchcraft and their imagination perhaps went wild, when they thought that witchcraft can cause chaos in their town. Compare this with salem, in the old days they feared from witches, in these days people fear terrorists! Fears that encounter us today are might be so threatening. It might be giving embarrassing or troublesome information on someone, maybe even claim a charge on someone who didn’t involve in anything like that and others will…show more content…
However, that doesn 't happen in the Crucible. Mary and Abigail accuse each other of witchcraft in front of the judge. “I cannot lie no move. I am with God. I am with God!”(P.94) This quote is said by Mary warren , when the judge is adamant about the fact that she is lying to him. The reason for that is Abigail’s power. Danforth (judge) believes the Abigail because she is more powerful than Mary ,therefore he trusts her evidence even if she isn’t truthful. In modern Days, this is not likely to happen unless the judge is given money or a favor. Maybe even a more powerful person can let the judge make orders in his own will. Threatening someone by destruction of life is nerve wrecking and fearful. This is what exactly happened in the end of the Crucible. Danforth (Judge) forces Proctor to choose, either be in jail in return handing back the confession paper, or get hanged if he choose not to hand it back. “I have confessed myself ! Is there no good penitence but it be the public? God does not need myname nailed upon the church! God sees my name: God knows how black are my sins are!” (P.132) Under those circumstances, both of which will ruin his life completely and others. If he his name gets nailed by the church wall, when he is freed from jail, he will be isolated
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