The Crucible Ralph Hale Character Analysis

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At the beginning half of the play, for Hale it was strictly business by following the law to maintain order, and as time passed, he played a major contribution in the beginning of the witch trials. For instance, in his first scene of the play he goes into Parris' home to help his niece, who is expected to wield a spell cast on her, and is conveying an overwhelming heap of books that are "`..are weighted with authority'" (34).He organizes himself up to disregard any conclusions based on emotional association or sensibility by keeping within reach law-induced books to guide him. He assures that his books will help to maintain control over the emerging dilemma. What's more, when two church-going ladies, Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey, happened to be accused of witchcraft, the ladies' spouses start to contend the case, yet Hale still seemingly defends the court.: "`I have seen too many frightful proofs in court…show more content…
Likewise, Tituba, who is Parris' black slave, blames Sarah Good and Goody Osbourne for witchcraft after Hale cross examines her and constrains her to let him know who she has seen undermining the implementation of the Devil influence.: "...Tituba, you are chosen to help cleanse our village. So speak utterly, Tituba, turn your back on him [the Devil] and face God..."(44). Hale tries to put pressure on Tituba to give him names, so that he could initiate hysteria accusations in Salem. (he had additionally debilitated to whip her to death). His lone goal and consideration now is not to find the reasons for Betty's disease, yet to make seemingly noteworthy allegations and "fulfill" his obligation of keeping away the Devil. Through these sequence of actions, it proves that Hale plays an important catalyst in igniting the witch
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