The Crucible Reflection

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Imagine a normal day, you're about ten years old and playing with some friends in the backyard. Then out of nowhere you see your mom or dad is frantic while being ripped out of the house. The worst part is that you cannot do a thing about it, because the people that are taking him or her taking them are bigger than you, and not to mention but they are also very important people, the kind that if you try to stand up for yourself or others against they will have a way to drop you.
This feeling of being helpless this is how so many felt during Joseph McCarthy's time. The way you felt about the thought of your family members being ripped away that's how many children, mother's, father's, friends, and spouse's had felt long ago. Many had to undergo
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It tells a tale about some young girls looking to have some "fun" which consisted of dancing around a fire chanting crazy things. According to Reverend Parris there may have even been someone naked. For the fact that the Reverend was related to some of the young girls he thought in order to keep from everyone thinking of him in an unwell light, he lied saying it was a witch in the town of Salem on the year 1692, he said there must have been someone sending curses down upon the land. They must have sent some kind of curse down upon his sweet daughter Betty Parris, (who was only 8) for what other reason would there be for this "pure" child to be unconscious after being out with her friends. See Abigail not willing to admit she was taking part in a restricted act of trying to cast a love spell down upon someone she blamed it all on an innocent slave. She said the slave told her to drink…show more content…
He claimed that his goal was to stop the threat, but all he did was cause chaos all over.His list made him well known, because many thought he was going to keep them safe, but all it did was rip families apart.
“Good evening. Mr. Edward R. Murrow, Educational Director of the Columbia Broadcasting System, devoted his program to an attack on the work of the United States
Senate Investigative Committee, and on me personally as its chairman. Now over the past four years he has made repeated attacks upon me and those fighting communists.” This was a quote from a movie also written about him, it is called Good Night and Good Luck. My reasoning for this article is to prove how Joseph Mccarthy and Abigail Williams were alike and different in so many way. There are many similarities for example They both went on telling lies to keep their own name safe. They both had complete control over ending all the lies, yet chose to let others suffer the consequences for their actions. They at
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both are selfish and only think about how things will affect them. They also only worried about what they wanted here and now and not what the outcome
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