The Crucible Reflection Essay

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The crucible

The Crucible is a 1953 play written by Arthur Miller is about a married man named John Proctor who decides to break off his affair with a young lover Abigail who then leads other local girls to a forest to wish death upon his wife, Elizabeth When they are discovered, the girls are brought to trial. They start accusing others and a witch hunt begins after a while Elizabeth is suspected of witchcraft, and John 's attempt to defend her only makes matters worse.
John proctor did the right thing by tearing up the confession because he protects his friends and family from death and problems in the community. In the play John Proctor talks about his children and he says “ I have three children how may i teach them to walk like
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My reasoning for this is because if John proctor was to let them hang the letter on the church door his name would be rotten in the community for life and that’s why he he says I’ve given you my soul now leave me my name he’s basically does not want his name or his family 's name to be rotten in the community
Them john proctor says ”I have confessed myself is there no good penitence but it be public god does not need my name nailed upon the church god sees my name god knows how black my sins are it is enough”.
This quote just tells you how important his name is to him he says god already knows it does not need to be posted upon the church door because if it is them everyone will see the confession with his name on it and in their community being a witch will have everybody you know hated.
My final piece of evidence is when john said ”I have given you my soul leave me my name”!
This quote is small but I used it because it has a big meaning when he says he given them his soul he doesn’t mean little art but he means but him signing the letter everyone will look at him as a witch he family will be hated and he wouldn’t be a led to forgive himself. He just wanted to sign the paper and e don e but they wanted to use him as an example to the community.
John proctor does the right thing by tearing up the confession because it solves his inner problems

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