The Crucible: Reverend Hale: A Villain?

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Reverend Hale a villain?
A villain- A antagonist in a story who has a negative effect on other characters. Reverend Hale A man of god who is married and works for the court. In the play the Crucible by Arthur Miller Mr.Hale is a man of christian faith who gets caught up in a sudden conflict in the village of Salem,Massachusetts Where there has been accusations of witchcraft. Many if not most people are confused and are desperate for an answer. As a town full of godly people who fear the wrath of Satan. people are quick to make assumptions. This story falls in the hands of a teenage girl named abigail where the village rides on her beliefs and will arrest whoever is guilty of witchcraft. There is a lot not to like of abigail who was seen in the forest “dancing with the devil” with other girls and the servant of the parris family Tituba who apparently forced abigal to perform the black magic with her. Fear is a great human emotion that can lead to wrong decisions when you can 't escape your problems.
The community is frightened by the reports of witchcraft which makes the citizens feel guilty in God 's eyes and believe they will be punished seriously if they don 't take action. Quick to the point the town relies on abigail 's witnessing. Judge Thomas Danforth leads the investigation and calls down reverend Hale to help with the possessed little girl Betty Paris and eventually is saved by Hale and later in a heated moment questioning begins and after Abigal manulapitates
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