The Crucible Reverend Perris Analysis

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Reverend Parris is the minister of Salem.He is very proud because of his position though he scares of losing it. He is Betty’s father and Abigail’s uncle. In the book, the author indicates him as “there is very little good in himself”. Perris is a wormy, paranoid, unreliable and an ignoble character.He is totally a liar. He uses religion to scare people. Many of the people in Salem, especially John Proctor dislikes him .He knows that he has many enemies so he thinks that a faction is trying to make him go away from Salem. Parris fears of an anything related with witchcraft.
In the first scene you may think that he is a loyal character who a worries about his little girl because he is standing in front of her bed;but, eventually you will understand

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