The Crucible Rhetorical Analysis

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Sydney Apter 8-06-15 Summer Work Mrs. Cassel John Proctor from the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller was the protagonist. John Proctor cheats on his wife, Elizabeth. He can't remember the 10 commandments even though he always goes to Church. He is stubborn, angry and has self repeat and loyal. He had three sons, a wife, and he was a farmer just like the average man during the witchcraft time period in Salem. John Proctor was arrested because of witchcraft. John Proctor is loyal, we see at that characteristic at the end of the play. When John refuses to give away other people's lives besides his own it shows his loyalty. John displays ethos rhetoric . Ethos is demonstrated when John knows to go back to his wife even though…show more content…
Abby wanted John Proctor, the man she worked for. She ended up getting John. John had his wife Elizabeth. He had a secret affair with his worker Abby. When Abby had to confess due to being caught in the woods she didn't want people to know about their affair. Abby said "She is blackening my name in the village! She is telling lies about me! She is a cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her! Let her turn you like a—" to John and the court. Abby was lying though because she really did have an affair with John. Abby is the pathos character of the Crucible. She appeals to the town of Salem's emotion. Abby pretends to be possessed by the devil. Abby was not really possessed though, that is just what the girls said. This shows that people in the book agreed with almost anything they heard. Because the town was in there on world, believing everything they heard, Abigail was able to convince them she was possessed by the…show more content…
He is Betty's father, and Abby's uncle. Tituba is his slave. Paris get very angry easily. Paris's is self conscious and obsssesed with his reputation in the town . "Abigail, I have fought here three long years to bend these stiff-nerved people to me, and now, just now, when some good respect is rising for me…": This shows that Parris cares about what people think of him in Salem. Paris is scared that someone is trying to to kill him, take his spot or , ruin his reputation or many other things. Reverend Paris's daughter Betty was dancing in the woods naked with Abby and his slave. Paris did not know what was wrong with his daughter at first. Later when he finds out what she was doing he makes sure people keep it on the down low before rumors start spreading. He doesn't want to ruin his reputation so he says " I am certain there be no element of witchcraft here." Even though he knows that he's lying to protect his name and his position. By using the rhetoric logos, Reverend Parris is able to persuade the audience by using reason. Paris tells the town people that he is sure it's not witchcraft which has made his daughter sick. He is able to convince the people just by getting "proof" from other people such as
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