The Crucible: The Difference Between Right And Wrong

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What is a difference between right and wrong? Well, this question is hard to answer. Some people think they are doing the right thing so just keep doing. Some people make crimes everywhere they think is the right thing to do. In fact, they are committing a crime, is wrong in the law. However, they deny there are wrong. So now, the opinion from agreeing and disagree with the statement “The difference between right and wrong is clear.” We have to make it clear. First, right and wrong are the different reason in life, right is right, wrong is wrong. Right and wrong cannot connect together. First of all, before I was not read the story The Crucible, I agree with the statement “The difference between right and wrong is clear” because we need to the right thing instead of the wrong thing. In the society, a lot of people are committing the crime. For example, steal the car, robbery, fighting in the street etc. People who do this crime because they are poor their need money to survive in the city. They think to do this is a right thing, actually there are breaking the law in the city is the wrong thing to do. They are knowingly this is false, they still do it because there are connected right and wrong…show more content…
After I have read the story The Crucible I still chose the agree on opinion because I know that we have to do the right thing no matter what. Equally important, some students are trying to cheat in the test to get the high score or getting the “A+” in their grade. They think to cheat other people word instead of their word to get the high grade is the right thing to do. Since they do not want them, parents, to know that their get the low grade in the class. Again, they are knowingly this the wrong thing to do. Also, it broke the school rule but they keep doing because their want to cover the low grade. So, they connect the right and wrong reason
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