Examples Of Racism In The Crucible

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Register to read the introduction…When a large company begins hiring they try to pick an individual that would be perfect for their store and customers. Many large companies try to avoid hiring individuals that face hate around the world, they do this because they want customers to feel safe around the store. And since some people believe that muslims are “terrorist” and cause “terrorism” many companies avoid hiring an individual that comes from an islamic background. In the New York Times, Steven Greenhouse stated “On Sept. 1, the commission filed a case against Abercrombie & Fitch, the fashionable clothing retailer, accusing it of discrimination for refusing to hire an 18-year-old Muslim because she was wearing a head scarf” (New York Times). From this passage we can see that muslims face racism in their daily lives, a muslim girl could not get a job because of the way she was dressed. Does this sound like equality? Was she given her rights being a U.S citizen? This relates to The Crucible, because the innocent individuals that were accused of practicing witchcraft were not being treated equal. Those men and women were not given any rights they deserved, they were treated like animals by the judges and court…show more content…
Throughout the whole book many themes were present but the major theme was brought up over and over again. This theme was the accusation and punishment of innocent individuals. In The Crucible many innocent individuals were falsely accused of practicing “witchcraft” and return the accused were executed while the people that accused watched. This theme relates to may events that are present in today 's society. One major event is, the accusation of muslims. Muslims around the world are accused daily of being “terrorist” and causing “terrorism”, those that are accused are called names and looked upon. There has been many cases in which an individual has been rejected a job because he/she relates to an islamic culture. Many large companies refused to hire a muslim women just because they wear a scarf. Has it come down to this, an individual can not work at a certain place because of the way they look or dress? Just because a certain terrorist group follows islam, does not mean every muslim is a terrorist and causes terrorism. Terrorism does not have a religion, and islam is not a religion that teaches terrorism. Even though the themes that were shown in the crucible took place many years ago, some are still relevant in today 's
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