The Crucible True Meaning

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The Crucible True Meaning

A crucible meaning has a definition of either a severe test or when different forces come together to cause change. If you’ve read The Crucible, then you should know that both definitions have a bit of significance. The entire Salem community was put through a test. One can also say that a significant change came as a result of the trials. These “severe tests” are what reveal an individuals true character. For example, John Proctor changed night to day from the beginning to the end of the play. John Proctors crucible is becoming an involved being in a time of crisis. When Proctor first was introduced in Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2, he does not want to get involved in anything. He knows there is chaos all around Salem, yet he would rather disengage himself from the situation. Slowly, John begins
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She started out as just the Proctors’ servant. Mary is the Proctors’ second servant. After some time, she started going to the court. Mary’s first big problem is being accused of making a poppet and stabbing it for it to stab Abigail. Although she did make a poppet while in court, but she didn’t stab the doll in meaning of stabbing Abigail. She just stuck the needle in for safe keeping. Mary’s crucible is basically this: she has to step forward to denounce Abigail and the other girls. Like a savage, Abigail dodges Mary’s testimony by pulling this crappy scheme. She says that Mary has sent out her spirit to attack them. Shortly after, Mary decides to join the girls and turn against Proctor. In conclusion, the severe tests, or “crucibles”, in this play are what change or form an individuals character. This change can vary from good to bad or bad to good. John Proctor went from a lustful person not wanting to be involved to a loving person who has now confessed and is sort of involved. Mary Warren came from being a shy servant who claims to with God to a liar who broke under her own
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