The Crucible: Women's Rights In Modern Society

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Women’s Rights in Modern Society Gender equality will not be eliminated until 2095 which is another 81 years, that women won’t be respected on the same level as men. This issue affects some women more than others to the point it has ruined their lives.Where the gender equality situation stands in society it is looked down on because this issue should be solved long before now. While “The Crucible” explores majority of minority of human nature, the issue of Women’s Rights in contemporary society illustrates we are still faced with this majority over minority through wage gaps, education, workforce. The issue of majority of minority through women's rights in society relates to The Crucible through this on going problem of men feeling a sense…show more content…
A result of the fear men have but will not admit, which is why women are not allowed to attend schools. “57 million children worldwide, including 31 million girls are out of school and ⅔ of illiterate adults are women”(Girls & Women Rights). Females are now poor, homeless, or independent because of society purposely trying to lesser their education. This is unfair because by law all men and women are equal, Yet officials all around the world are doing everything in their power to decrease the chances of women gathering education. In many other foreign countries where women are looked as 2nd class citizens and cannot even go out in public without being fully covered besides their eyes and escorted by a man, women don't even attend schools and are often forced to live their lives dependent on a males.”In developing countries, adolescent girls are more likely to drop out of secondary school than boy, particularly in ritual areas” (Girls & Women Rights). An example of this is Malala who was shot because she fought for her education, and is now looked at as one of the smartest humans in the world which is extremely threatening to men. Females fear men openly, men fear females but try to beat them down to have the same beliefs as themselves so they can’t do something equivalent or better than
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