The Crucifix: The Christian/Catholic Cross

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The Crucifix
The Christian/Catholic cross/crucifix a relic sacred to many of us Filipinos. Surely, we are all aware of what this is and what it represents, are we not? First off, to make it clear, the crucifix differs from the cross as the crucifix has the body of Christ bound to it, while the cross is nothing but a mere symbol. But regardless, both of them the people cherish deeply.
In looking at a cross, one can feel many emotions from it as it reminds us of what has transpired in the early days. When slavery was rampant, abuse was at a height, and the people would often be treated like animals………….. The days when savages held the authority, and good was scarce to come by. Order was not kept at a balance. It was enforced and controlled by
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When we look at the cross, we recollect these stories and allow it to reach out to our soul. Emotions run rampant. Sadness, relief, anger, appreciation, however we comprehend it. The cross and crucifix, a symbol of hope to many, a reminder to us that that which is first pure, is still vulnerable to taint, and whether or not we let this corruption devour our soul, falls entirely up to us.
The Significance of the Crucifix to the Philippines

This very religion engulfs almost the entirety of this country. Spread throughout the nation, its churches, greatly influencing the common people. It is within the church that the people develop a sense of purpose, safety, and reassurance. The priest sends his message, preaching of divinity, he captivates the people. The cross serves its purpose with great avail. It lets out an aura of defense. It sits, reminding people of the path to righteousness.

Ever since the Spanish had introduced the Filipino people of God, he and his symbols have always played a pivotal role in our culture. From past to present, Filipinos value the cross with only great respect for it. Believing it guides our path, we often keep these symbols with us where we reside, or even travel to. It is not uncommon to have altars with crosses, rosaries, and statues of Jesus placed atop
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