The Crucifixion Analysis

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Imagine being a parent and watching your children suffer and die knowing you have the ability to save them. As a parent, you would do anything to save your children; even take their place in suffering. God watched humanity suffer and saved every person by taking their sins. Jesus suffered for humanity by the will of God as the ultimate sacrifice, through the crucifixion and resurrection He proved Gods word to be true. To understand why Jesus had to suffer for our sins it is important to realize that the result of the cross is ultimately forgiveness, or taking someone’s debt upon oneself. God’s nature is more complicate than many people believe. He is willing to forgive but not push aside the issue and ignore it because he is merciful but also…show more content…
He was the only human pure enough to take all sin upon himself. He replaces all other sacrifice. The new atonement is Jesus. He bridges us to God and fills the separation created by sin. Through his sacrifice we are brought eternal life. The crucifixion fulfills prophecies within the Bible. It proves God’s word to be true. Jesus is proven to be the son of God because he rose from the dead. We can trust that we are now saved from an eternal death because Jesus has proved He is who He says He is, and He can do what he promises to do. He said He would defeat death and did, humanity is freed from sin. God is loving and all powerful, though many non-Christians do not see Him this way. The truth is that Jesus’ suffering, the Crucifixion, is God’s way of still being loving but also taking care of a major issue. He suffers so that we can see him again in Heaven. God is just so he abolishes sin without harming His children, only…show more content…
If someone is wronged they could either seek ways to make the perpetrator pay for what they have done or forgive and instead pay their debts yourself. When driving down the road and hit by a car, the driver automatically makes the other person cover the damage. Forgiveness is letting the other person go free and the driver covering the cost of damage to his own car. God forgives our sins through His own self sacrifice. Ritenbaugh (year) had the following to say about sacrifice: We must sacrifice ourselves for one another. Sacrifice is the essence of godly love. If we are not willing to sacrifice we are not showing love. It is as plain as that. The attitude of godly love being willing to sacrifice must be the underlying attitude as we interact with each other … Sacrifice is our reasonable, logical, rational, spiritual service. It is the way we minister to one another and exhibit godly love (pg. #). Animal sacrifice was a common practice of atonement in the Old Testament. Once a person sinned they would sacrifice an animal to forgive that single sin. Guilt would be transferred to the animal and then the animal would be slit across the throat and would bleed out. Such sacrifices could never suffice for all of the sins a person commits. A new complete sacrifice is needed. God takes this duty upon Himself. The Bible
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