The Crude Humor In Ransom Of The Red Chief

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“‘Do you want to go home?’ ‘Aw what for?’ The boy says. ‘You won't take me back, will you?’ ‘Not right away.’ He says shocked.” In most kidnappings the kids want to go home and not be held captive. But in the ‘the ransom of the red chief’ the little boy is so fascinated and adventurous and that he would rather be kidnapped then be at home. The short story “Ransom of the red chief” is a low level comedy that uses hyperboles and comic situations to convey the idea that without full preparation the outcome of the situation can be unpleasant and unpredictable. The ransom red chief is a low level comedy because of the crude humor. The boy being mischievous and zany caused a lot of low comedy with the easy to follow storyline. “Red was sitting on bill’s chest with one hand holding his hair and the other a knife, a shriek came from old bill.” The boy was so small yet fierce that the reader wouldn't expect Sam to be so calm and handle everything like it is routine. “Bill let out a shriek.” Shows how the crazy situation made humorous with Bills over-the-top reaction. The crude humor used conveys that this was a low comedy. The Ransom Red Chief used hyperboles to exaggerate the dramatic humor. All of the kidnappers were getting annoyed at the little boy and they started questioning their plan. “Do you think anyone would ever take an imp like…show more content…
Bill and Sam were not prepared or committed to their situation which led to awkward or hysterical situations. “I…….. of all nerve’ but i looked at bill who had the most dumb look on any animal. ‘One more night and he’ll drive me crazy.’” The irony of the kidnappers having to pay the ransom amuses the readers. ‘I……. of all nerve.” Shows how appalled Sam was about how the situation had turned from bad to worse. The readers start to expect even the unexpected. The comic situations in the story are awkward enough that it brings
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