The Cruelty: Causes Of The Civil War

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The civil war did reduce sectional antagonism and did not make the United States one nation. These days there are more wars and confusion going on.There were individual states that wanted to have slaves and have there own rules and didn’t was to abide by any state 's rules.The rebellion is what started it all. Violence, cruelty, harshness against slaves,and that is how the Civil War was started. Just like the soldiers were getting treated differently. The slaves couldn’t take no more so they started the rebellion.
The people that elected Abraham Lincoln, they did so because they knew knowledge about the declaration and the others like it did not ever believe them. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued during 1863 when Abraham Lincoln said that if he would order a emancipation of all slaves in any state that did not end its rebellion against the Union.
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There was nothing left after the war. There were reports saying that the war was over and everything had been destroyed. The reports were enclosed with copies of the reports and there were copies of the correspondence between Major Anderson and general Beauregard. The War was terrible it ended with greatness, most of the slaves were free. The people were more calm and the United States finally became one nation. There was hardly anymore slaves they were considered free people. To go where they please and to do what they please the war was fought good and it also ended good. There was no more fighting,pain ,and most important no more slaves. Abraham lincoln signed a peace treaty called the Emancipation Proclamation, saying no more harm shall come to the slaves and they all shall be free. The slaves were freed after the treaty was signed,and that was the end of the civil
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