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Medieval Crusades Inquiry Question: How did the crusades impact the Catholic Knights? Today is a particularly bad, the seas are rough and my good friend Robert is very sea sick. We have been at sea for about two weeks but its hard to keep track because I 'm not entirely sure where we are, all I know for certain is that at midday every day we head back to land to load our ship with more water and food. We all have to get off and help load the ship but I can hear people moaning because they have blisters on their hands and the handles of the buckets are made of rope and it rubs. Yesterday was very eventful because two of the soldiers go into a fight and it ended with someone dying. It was seen as murder so Anthony got tied to Patrick 's…show more content…
It 's has been very busy and hard because we are half-way to the holy land and there are lots of things to do. I am starting to realise what I 'm about to do and I 'm really scared but back home they reassured us and said that even though its states in the bible we can 't kill anyone that it is necessary to kill them because they don 't worship Jesus. If we fight we will become holy soldiers and if we die doing so we will travel to heaven and see god. I have a wife who is pregnant with our fourth child and I hope that I will survive so I can see my children grow up. It is about midday and we are turning towards land even though we go and collect food it is only grain and vegetables very rarely we get meat but that’s only when we find it. A few members of the crew have become sick because of their bad diet and the lack of medical supplies. One of the other ships that left before us all got infected with measles and they have been forced to stay on land until they recover. Today I had to polish the swords and I smell like oil and I can 't get to sleep because the guy laying under me also smells like oil, it was very hard work and my hands are covered in cuts . When I washed my hands in the water I forgot the water was salt and my cuts are still stinging. I can 't wait to get on land so I can get

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