The Crying Game Film Analysis

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1. Introduction I chose question 5 that is “Compare the representations of London in two of the films studied in the course and say which you think is the most accurate and why” because there is a common point that all main characters are from working class in these two movies. In these movies, many working class people view themselves as isolated existences. In that respect, This is England expresses working class people’s alienation with more precision because this movie’s director Shane Meadow is from working class and belonged to skinheads when he was a junior high school student. That is why working class people in 1980s who became characters in This is England are introduced in detail. 2. The Crying Game (1982) The main character Fergus belongs to IRA and meets a black British soldier named Jody and deepens exchanges with him. At the front of this movie, Jody is hit and killed by British army’s car that comes to rescue Jody but he asks Fergus to visit his lover Dil who lives in London and tell her that Jody loves her deeply if he dies before he dies. Therefore, Fergus visits Dil in London and is fascinated by her however she confesses that she is transgender. In these points that Fergus natures friendship with his enemy Jody as an IRA fighter and Dil…show more content…
That is why This is England is considered that it is created more in detail and realistic. Through we study about modern British society by British movies, We are able to understand Thatcherism brought a big achievement but also came with high price especially high level of unemployment. Today’s Japan gets itself concerned in postwar British situation and Japan will fall into bankruptcy if we leave the economy alone without taking countermeasures. The Japanese government also may have to take measure even if we pay big
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