The Culper Ring Myth

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Culper Ring At the peak of the American Revolutionary War, in 1778, a spy organization known as the Culper Ring was formed to gain information on British intelligence by sending in reliable informants who would report back to the Americans. The organization was founded by Benjamin Tallmadge under the orders of the first president, George Washington, himself. Tallmadge began to recruit others who he believed were trustworthy, such as Abraham Woodhull, Caleb Brewster, and a few others. Members of this group worked under code names to ensure their safety. Mainly operating in New York, the Culper Ring was a major breakthrough for Americans, and a smart move to gain the upper hand during the war. The Culper Ring went as far as protecting the French and American alliance at that point, during the war; when a member of the organization gained in tell on a planned surprise attack on the French army, by the British, in Rhode Island.…show more content…
The questionable Culper Ring spy organization was a great stand for Americans. The significance of this group was important to President Washington for acknowledging the whereabouts and movements of British forces. Although President Washington was completely unaware of the actual identities of the members of the Culper Ring, he personally communicated with them through coded letters using only the coded nicknames that were given. President Washington realized the importance of this group and spent roughly ten percent on these types of activities. In the long run, the money did not go to waste and the group was a
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