The Cult Of Dionysus Analysis

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The Cult of Dionysus, directed by Simon Woods, was presented by the Brisbane-based physical theatre company, Zen Zen Zo in 1996. The play is roughly based on The Bacchae by Euripides and follows the storyline of Dionysus and his desire for power and godly respect. Initially, Dionysus felt as though his godly status wasn’t being properly acknowledged which resulted in him leaving the town of Thebes for several years, only to return with the intention of causing mayhem throughout. His impact on the city, particularly the women of Thebes left a malignant effect on the city. The consequences of Dionysus’ actions were essentially deadly, and viewers are given the opportunity to witness the unfolding of these consequences as the play progresses. According to Zen Zen Zo, the performance demonstrates the effectiveness of the ritualistic nature of this style of theatre combined with visual and physical language provided by the lead actors and the influence of the prominent chorus work. (Zen Zen Zo, 2016) Zen Zen Zo is a theatre company that takes immense pride in their productions and aims to showcase quality performances that demonstrate a relationship between the actors and the audience that is “intimate and shocking, compelling and confrontational, ritualistic and profane.” After viewing The Cult of Dionysus, it’s evident that Zen Zen Zo was successful in presenting a ritualistic and somewhat shocking performance based on their use of the Greek and physical theatre defining
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