The Cultivation Theory Of Television

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Television today has become a large part of our culture. It is one of the most frequently used items in every household, that has a huge impact on how people think, and act upon those thoughts. Television tends to facilitate various aspects of an individual 's lifestyle, may it be for information, personal identity, integration and social interaction or entertainment. The thirst for knowledge is simple, yet very significant. A distinguished Veteran William Westmoreland, of World War II and the Korean War, addressed the U.S nation, leaving many in great thought, when he stated " Television is the instrument which can paralyze this country".(Willbanks 2003) The media has a significant impact on us all whether we are aware of it or not. However, the cultivation theory attempts to explain this Phenomenon. The Cultivation Theory is a communication social theory which, examines the long-term effects that television has on its viewers. Developed by George Gerbner and Larry Gross of the University of Pennsylvania, it was a Cultural Indicator project, employed to identify and track the 'cultivated ' effects of television on these viewers. The Cultivation Theory would therefore, be critically examined in order to reinforce its value and exhibit how people’s formations of social reality are influenced according to exposure to television. On that account, focus would be placed on understanding the history and concept of the theory, its applicability, and relevance.
The cultivation

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